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The Application! ABOUT YOU Name: Ilea Age:13 Birthday: June… - Chasing our own idea of beauty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Chasing our own idea of beauty

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[Dec. 22nd, 2004|02:55 pm]
Chasing our own idea of beauty



The Application!


Name: Ilea
Birthday: June 10
Location: Aloha OR
Sexual Preference: Hetero/Bi
Likes: check my info
Dislikes: anything gross


What Does Your LJ User Name Mean: exactly what it says... skattered tears...
What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment: not sure... prolly when i got skirted while i was on my per. in front of the guy i liked at the time... lol
Craziest Thing You Think You've Done: im not sure... you know me im allways doing SOMETHING crazy...
What Is An Interesting Fact About You: my 3rd fav. color is pink... lol
Why Should We Accept You: because im me... (im not sure thats enought but im too tired to think of anything else...)


Color: black/white and if you don't count those as colors then red and pink
Food: salad... lol i know isn't that crazy?
Feature: not sure... i have no idea what you are talking about but okay!
Feature Of The Opposite Sex (can be personality): eyes... im a sucker for beautiful eyes!
Book/Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Demon in my view
Movie: either darkness falls or rocky horror picture show.
Band/Singer: im not sure... right now, either HIM, or slipknot
Show: i dont really watch too much tv, but if i had to choose, either one tree hill or everwood
Drink: water lol boring huh?


Best Memory: i don't really have on... lol
Idea Of A Great Date: hanging out randomely, him cooking me dinner, and just gong crazy together...
Promote To At Least 2 Places: check both of my livejournal accounts.. (skattered_tears and plaiboibunypunk)
Why Do You Think You're Flawless Material: because im me... isn't that good enought... lol no im kidding because i can make people laugh and feel better about themselves.
Whats The Most Flawless Part About You: either my hair, my eyes or my voice... you choose!
Compliment The MODs (We Like To Be Flattered): VIV: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! i love your hair! and you look so cute with sam    J: you are so gorgeous! i wish i had a face as pretty as yours!

Starbucks: Caramel flavored Coffee! ymmmmm
Boyfriend: Jayson... i really wanna go out with him again lol...
Juicy: mangos... why did i think of MANGOS????
Axe: hott guys... hehe
Pink: A & F
Tiger: orange stripes...
Sex: lalalalalalalalalalalala wha?? i can't hear you! lol
Whipped Cream: fun to play with lol
Florida: awsome beaches
NYC: my college lol... not sure why but okay!
Hot: summer... wow i hate the summer! accept the awsome guys i meet... lol
Curious: GEORGE!
Powder: my powder is very white... lol
Girls: wha wha wha wha wha.... jk!!  for some reason the preppy bitches shot to my mind when you said that... haha owell
Waterfall: Jesse's discription my hair... hhahahahahahaa

Suicide: i feel sorry for the people that are involved with someone that commits suicide.. it can be really sad.. and i wish people would think first... and not do it...
Abortion: i don't think i should waste my time on worrying about wether it is good or bad to have an abortion, because it is not my business, and in the end it is their choice wether to have an abortion, and i think it is wrong to try to make their choices for them.
UFOs: iv never seen one so i have no idea what to think of them...
Cheating On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: i think it is bad and if you do cheat on someon, then you probly don't really like/love them... and you should probably not be with them.
Premarital Sex: Premarital sex takes away the excitement and joy of having sex with your wife/husband, and if you have premarital sex, then you will allways have someone else to compair them to, and thats not fair.
Drugs: drugs are a waste of my time, why would i want to do drugs when i could be out doing crazy stuff and making a fool of my self with my friends or singing right?
Plastic Surgery: fake people make me sad, because they probly wen't hapy with that they look like natrualy, and i think everyone has a rite to like the way they look without altering the way they were born.
Gay Marriage: i think we should stop making a bid deal about it and them the gay people get married, no one ever said that "normal" people aka heteros could not get married when they are in love, why make people that are in love that are the same gender have less privleges? its not like they chose to be gay, they just are... i hate people that are homophobic. they scare me.


 i don't have another pic. but you guys know what i look like.





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2004-12-23 12:16 am (UTC)
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