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Chasing our own idea of beauty

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[Dec. 28th, 2004|01:20 am]
Chasing our own idea of beauty


[mood |boredbored]
[music |Sure Shot - Beastie Boys]

The Application!</span></p>





Name: Vivian

Age: fourteen

Birthday: 5-8-1990

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Sexual Preference: straight

Likes: all kinds of music, my boyfriend Sam, Lennard Noller, people who don't try to be something they're not

Dislikes: how everyone tries to be "emo", fake people, people who complain about their life all the time, how everyone plays the guitar, really really shy people who never talk




What Does Your LJ User Name Mean: well one day in like sixth grade I was at Hollywood video and I was looking at a movie and there was a review on it that said babelicious I was like wow you can say licious with anything and then I said my name with it and I was like that's pretty cool. Now I would never change my screen name everyone knows it and it's just my thing.

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment: holy crap there's so many but probably one was in fifth grade we had to sing all these songs about being responsible in front of the entire school and there were little skits and I was in one. When Kim and I went up there the microphone kind of fell down and all the little kids laughed and we tried to laugh it off too but then I couldn’t stop and like everyone was laughing too but then I got in trouble with the principal.

Craziest Thing You Think You've Done: hmm not much yet it kind of sucks but my first sneak out was this year to a lan party *blushes* kind of sad huh

What Is An Interesting Fact About You: I have a scar from a treadmill accident

Why Should We Accept You: because I'm your best friend!




Color: lime green

Food: well I think I'm getting out of my pizza pretzel phase so I don't know what's next

Feature: uhh maybe my ass cause everyone likes it for some reason lol

Feature Of The Opposite Sex (can be personality): loud and funny, great smile

Book/Author: Star Girl and I don't know author

Movie: Superstar, Mean Girls, Scary Movie, Spider Man, and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

Band/Singer: msi, red hot chili peppers, outkast, destiny's child, britney spears, icp, system of a down, the white stripes, blink 182, and eminem

Show: boy meets world! and pimp my ride

Drink: root beer and my mom's lemonade




Best Memory: hmm. Well I don't know if it's my favorite but on the last day of reading in seventh grade I was in a really pissed off mood because of this guy Nathan who was a really good friend but always pretended to make fun of me and it got really annoying. Then he felt sorry for me and I had to go to my locker which was on the other side of the school but I hate to go places alone because I look like a loner so I told him to come with me even though he wasn't supposed to. But we took the hall pass that was a chalkboard eraser and went anyway and he was sliding it all across the walls. Then when we passed the library Mrs. Beiri was out there with this really hot guy and I tripped Nathan big time and he tackled onto the floor and it was really cool and she made fun of us. Then I couldn't open my locker and he did it for me. We were hanging out and came back like ten minutes later. Mrs. Rillette gave him a referral for going without permission but he didn't even care and it was just cool he did that for me. Then he signed my yearbook and wrote that I was his best friend. Yeah it sounds stupid when I write it out but you just had to be there.

Idea Of A Great Date: with a ton of friends and actually not doing anything

Promote To At Least 2 Places: okay. I don’t see any banners but maybe I'll make some later

Why Do You Think You're Flawless Material: lol well obviously I'm not flawless in real life but I think maybe because I'm just really laid back and not your typical girl

What’s The Most Flawless Part About You: probably my sense of humor. because I don't take things the wrong way like when guys joke around.

Compliment The MODs (We Like To Be Flattered): Julie you are my best friend and you are my opposite but somehow I can actually stand you despite that. That's skill.



Starbucks: nasty

Boyfriend: Sam

Juicy: apple

Axe: over rated

Pink: over rated

Tiger: cartoon

Sex: the Britney Spears perfume commercial

Whipped Cream: strawberries

Florida: a palm tree

NYC: Kim

Hot: hot hot heat

Curious: Britney Spear's perfume

Powder: my grandma's bathroom

Girls: mean girls

Waterfall: Splash Waterfalls by Ludacris



Suicide: all you're ever gonna be known for is the kid that killed themselves. That's stupid.

Abortion: I can't really ever decide on this. But I'm more pro choice

UFOs: uhh stupid andddd not real?

Cheating On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no freaking way that hurts them soo much worse than just dumping them

Premarital Sex: I'm for it. Cause you don't want to marry for the wrong reasons.

Drugs: to a certain extent they are okay.

Plastic Surgery: I don't think anyone should do anything more than a nose job or boob job. Cause then they are gonna look jackeddd up

Gay Marriage: For it. But I hate how all people talk about is that they are for gay marriages. So what. Or how someone is gay. That's not what they all are about.






     i look like shit when i smile in pictures because my braces reflect =( my boobs look really big in that shirt. it's cool


[User Picture]From: pillowqueen
2005-01-01 12:16 am (UTC)

yes she is the co-mod, if or when this community gets bigger i might need another one. But maybe not so if ppl dont PROMOTE, you guys can make your own promo bannners if you want cause mine suck.
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