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chasing_beauty's Journal

Chasing our own idea of beauty
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That's right here it's all about Confidence! If you don't have confidence too bad.

This community is based on the idea of beauty that people have created, the mold that says if you don't follow it then there's something wrong with you. Here we don't believe in that mold, that idea of beauty. We believe in our own idea of beauty or confidence in yourself. Yes this is a rating community, but not on looks, we rate you on your belief in yourself, your idea of beauty, and your confidence. So if your sitting here nodding your head saying that me I believe in that then what are you waiting for apply!

Promo sight!


Rules, there's only a few so just follow them okay? Okay.

General Rules \\//

** be respectful, to mods, applicants and member's.
** Don't start little fussy fights.
** Stay Active, if you're not going to be active for a while... let us know.
** Promote, I know it's not the most fun thing to do but it will make this community grow making it more fun.
** Be yourself, trust me I am still in middle school and every day I watch girls trying to be just like the queen bee and I find it highly annoying that they just cant be themselves.
** Use lj cuts, I don't want to kill everyone's friends page.
** Oh yeah, follow the rules.

Rules For Member's \\//

** Every two weeks or so there will be a new theme, if possible take pictures that fit the theme, if you can't do that every two weeks then write about the theme or find a picture on google that has something to do with it!
** Be nice to applicants, this isn't a community about being a bitch, if you are one and you want to be in this community great just don't be one in here got it?
** Promote Please.
** When voting, don't vote on things like age, race, sex, sexuality etc, that's not what were about.
** Have fun okay have fun!

Rules For Applicants \\//
** fill out the application
** use an lj cut, or your application will be deleted.
** don't back talk, if someone doesn't like you don't yell at them that's just going to make them dislike you more and most likely other people will dislike you too.
** don't apply if you cant take a few critical opinions, cause this community's about confidence, you crying about what someone said is ant going to get you in.
** If rejected, you can re-apply with new pictures in one week.
Well good luck.